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Noah Graham is a photographer and Artist, who specializes in portraiture/people, boudoir photography, alternative modeling and fashion with a little Punk Rock flair, his passion lies in dramatic and unconventional lighting, and bold color use. He currently lives in Colorado Springs, CO

Morgin Riley © Noah Graham 2017

Morgin Riley © Noah Graham 2017

How do I book a shoot?

Here are the four steps necessary for booking a modeling portfolio shoot with me.

1. Set up a pre-shoot meeting. You can do that by filling out the form on this page. We’ll set up a time to meet before your shoot. If you can’t make it to a location of our choosing personally for this meeting, we can have our meeting over the phone. As well as a written summery of concepts and ideas discussed and mutually agreed upon for your shoot so model has a written record.

2.Show up at the pre-shoot meeting. We’ll discuss your look and what you’d like to achieve during the shoot. We’ll also arrange a shoot date at this time. 

3.Pay your deposit. A 50% deposit is required at the pre-shoot meeting to secure your shoot date. You must give 72 hours notice if you wish to reschedule your shoot, otherwise your deposit will be lost. The deposit is non-refundable.

4.Confirm. After your deposit is received, I will confirm with you that your shoot is booked!



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What do I bring?

* Bring lots of different clothing options. I want to see you in clothing that is a bit over-the-top or absolutely minimal which is usually the most successful to work with and will give you the best results. Modeling shoots outdoors should have clothing that allows for exposed shoulders which works best to help set you apart from backgrounds.

*Accessories to your look. Hats, chains, belts and items you can tug on or take on or off help add to your images.

*My shoots can get messy depending on the concept and location. If your not using a HMUA then please bring your makeup kit for touch-up purposes.

Where is your studio?

Most of my work is done on location or outdoors either in the beautiful Colorado wilderness or in the ally ways and streets of Colorado Springs. If a studio setting is required then I like to use Voodoo Leatherworks as it accommodates my styles and preferences perfectly! This studio is 18+ so no children present at shoot please.

What should I wear to my shoot?

You can arrive for your shoot in your regular clothes. Bring a lot of different clothing items with you to your shoot. It’s better to have too many than not enough! I will help you choose the best outfits for your photos.  If your photos are going to be nude or partially nude, avoid wearing constrictive items that will leave pressure marks on your skin.

What is an image license?

The image license that I distribute with most of my photo packages gives you permission to use the licensed photos that you’ve purchased for your personal and promotional needs. That means you may copy, print and distribute that licensed image. However, you may not sell that image to anyone else.

Can I license additional images on top of the ones included in my package?

Yes, of course! You may purchase licences for as many additional images as you wish. The base price for a headshot image license is $35. The price goes down if you wish to purchase several of them.

What is your policy on deposits?

To confirm your shoot date, you must first pay a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the shoot, including hair and makeup if you’ve chosen to hire the hair and makeup artist. The deposit is non-refundable, and is due at time of scheduling. You may reschedule your shoot without losing your deposit if you give at least 72 hours notice. The balance is due on delivery of your final images.


How are my finished photos delivered to me?

I will provide your finished photos in digital format. The photos will be delivered in high resolution JPG files for printing and web resolution JPG files for sharing on the Internet (social media, profile pictures, emailing to agents, etc.). When your finished photos are ready, I’ll email you a link to download the photo package.

I'm not a model but I still want to do the shoot. Can I?

Yes, of course. I can still do a modeling portfolio shoot for you, even if you just want the photos for personal use and never intend to do any professional modeling.

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Traditionally the nude was used to express formulations about life as larger-then-life, as heroic or ideal... The nude is not a “genre” subject.
— - Isabel Bishop


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